CHANEL BAG MALL was formerly an online handbag store which has been shut down by Court Order for selling Chanel handbag, watch and wallet replicas. Resulting from legal actions, a Federal Court ordered that the store be permanently closed and the domain name be removed from the ownership and control of the former owners who were found to be dealing in fake Chanel goods.


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CHANEL Clutch Bag Cheap Discount Outlet 66c

Showcased in the Top Sale Bags column of Chanel Bag Mall online shopping outlet, the replica Chanel Classic Flap Bag Medium was offered at the price of $167, the Multipocket Bag was for sale for $230, the Mini Clutch in the color red was priced at $138, and the Chanel Medium Tote (Black/Snake Skin) had a price shown for $173.

Replicas are counterfeit products manufactured and distributed illegally by criminal enterprises around the world.

Selling replicas is illegal. The manufacturing and distribution of replicas is also illegal. Online shopping websites selling replicas are run by individuals who disregard our laws governing counterfeiting.

Replicas never achieve the level of quality and distinction that the genuine will. Replicas are fakes manufactured with inferior-grade materials combined with poor workmanship on its parts and final product. Replicas are not produced, manufactured, sold, serviced or supported in any way by CHANEL.

For details about genuine CHANEL, visit a CHANEL boutique and

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