CHANEL BAG MALL was formerly an online handbag store which has been shut down by Court Order for selling Chanel handbag, watch and wallet replicas. Resulting from legal actions, a Federal Court ordered that the store be permanently closed and the domain name be removed from the ownership and control of the former owners who were found to be dealing in fake Chanel goods.


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CHANEL Wallet Cheap Discount Outlet 99s listed item descriptions, item numbers and prices for replica Chanel wallets. The replica Chanel wallet in the color black ranged in price from around $129.00- $198.00.

What an embarrassment it would be if someone you admired noticed a sadly fabricated replica beside you on the restaurant table. Many replica wallets are immediately visually obvious to the average eye. Most fake wallets glare poor quality construction and fabrics. Some fake wallets have logos that are crooked and attached with an excess of glue. Sometimes replica wallets have loose and stitching. Some fake wallets quickly fade, fray and lose their linings. Many people who recklessly purchased a replica soon came to the realization that they will never purchase one again.

Without the masterful and meticulous attention to detail of the craftsmen that CHANEL is time-honored for, a replica wallet will never approach the exquisite quality of genuine CHANEL.

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