CHANEL BAG MALL was formerly an online handbag store which has been shut down by Court Order for selling Chanel handbag, watch and wallet replicas. Resulting from legal actions, a Federal Court ordered that the store be permanently closed and the domain name be removed from the ownership and control of the former owners who were found to be dealing in fake Chanel goods.


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The online outlet store, Chanel Bag Mall, which supplied replica Chanel handbags and wallets is no longer open for business.

The replica Chanel handbags that were offered for sale at were illegal counterfeit goods. Hence, a Court decision ruled to have it shut down.

When someone buys a replica purse, profits made from the sales of the fake bags are commonly used for funding further formidable crimes. The illegal products are replicated and sold by willful crime networks disregarding laws governing counterfeiting. Illegal activities of replica bag dealers often extend beyond trafficking counterfeit bags. Some counterfeit enterprises are linked to serious crimes such as personal identity theft and terrorism. There could be no better reason to avoid buying replicas.

Consumers must watch out for handbag outlets that offer deals that are too good to be true. Likely, the deal will be just that, not truly a good bargain.

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